NorthLite Solar Ltd

NorthLite is a private Ghanaian owned Renewable Energy Service Company working across West Africa. In Ghana we are licensed by the Ghana Energy Commission, recognized by the Ministry of Energy and Petroleum and an accredited member of the Association of Ghana Solar Industry with its Headquarters in Bolgatanga, northern Ghana.

Our company has trained and equipped technical engineers, marketers, solar PV energy experts and researchers with several years of experience and accomplishments. We have since 2013 become the first leading energy management company to introduce energy audit support accounting services in Ghana to compliment energy cost efficiency and yield.

History of NorthLite

The company began operation since 2007 with 2 employees and was registered as a business in 2009 with the Registrar Generals department in Accra-Ghana. NorthLite started as a local entrepreneur working with rural communities by providing basic lightening to schools, households and clinics.

We currently employ over 30 professionals full and part time staff. We have built our strength and experience over the years through partnerships with local institutions and other existing renewable energy entrepreneurs across Africa.

Opportunity in Ghana

As a result of the total commitment of local government to achieving the renewable energy mix at 10% by 2020, NorthLite has positioned itself to introduce integrated off-grid energy solutions and hybrid grid-connected applications geared towards cost effective energy solutions to consumers.

Local Government enacted the Renewable Energy Act, 2011 (Act 832) which provides Feed in Tariffs as incentives for residential, commercial and industrial owners to convert to renewable energy. According to the Ghana Country Action Plan, the Government must obtain 10% renewable energy mix by 2020.

Our company benefits from an energy policy that is healthy and competitive in Ghana which provides Feed-in-Tariffs as incentives for residential, commercial and industrial owners to adapt to renewable energy.

We are considered the leading off-grid smart Solar PV company with the widest distributor and sales network across Ghana. We have the largest off-grid customer potential in the savanna regions of Ghana with a target of reaching over 30,000 potential off-grid demands by 2018. The provision of affordable and sustainable electricity to the peri-urban and rural communities is recognized as a first step towards reducing poverty levels.


*OFF-GRID SOLUTIONS: These are small independent solar PV designs ranging from 5Watts to 500Wp PV modules and approximately 100Ah battery storage applications with up to 10amp control switch for homes able to satisfy basic electricity needs for appliances such as lighting TV, cell phone charging and radio use. PICO hand-held solar lanterns are considered useable under our off-grid pack of solutions.

Our core Off-Grid Business Energy Solutions are designed to provide basic services to low income groups in communities in the north of Ghana. The services include simple solar lighting kits, cell phone/laptop charging, cooling/refrigeration services and entertainment for community through entrepreneurs. Our target groups are women and the youth between the ages of 18 and 35 years involved in petty trading, farming and small-scale businesses that already earn them between GHC9.05 and approximately GHC120.00 a month.

*Mini OFF-GRID SOLUTION: These applications form a medium to large size independent electrification system which could satisfy the electricity requirement of an off grid house, hotel, shop office or farm. Usually could range between a 1kWp to 200kWp solar PV application with storage. This application could remain stand-alone or integrated

*ON-GRID SOLUTIONS: This offers various alternative solutions satisfying power backup requirement to provide clean, reliable, energy that will seamlessly work with existing grid that require minimum manual operation and no safety risk.

Our Solar Interactive Energy Storage System (SIES) is a solution suitable for use in urban areas that encounter frequent power blackout and public/private places and businesses that require constant power supply between 12-24hrs each day. This is an AC-DC-GENSET coupled application, which is conversant with net metering and equally flexible with fuel/diesel hybrid connectivity with intelligent design

Our strategic focus is the off-grid market place in Ghana where we drive our concerns towards meeting the energy needs of residential electricity consumers. However, commercial or institutional needs of people in the grid-communities are also being targeted.

NorthLite strength is depended upon our competence to market and distribute innovative clean energy products on a broader chain of networks across Ghana and West Africa. Our strategic outreach and publicity is a shared dividend to the achievements over the years. We target both the urban commercial markets and the off-grid rural market with a case sensitive approach in distributing products and offering rapt after sale services.

We serve the vast untapped energy market in Ghana with a trusted team of trained young professionals working from the core of the very rural communities and to the forefront of the vibrant commercial marketplace.

NorthLite has evolved over the years to become the leading distributor and installer of solar PV applications across Ghana because we genuinely understand the current market trend and the true business.