NorthLite Solar Ltd

CEO's Message


My passion and inspiration remains my reward, it calculates my true sense of purpose as a leader. I have worked as hard as ever because others have believed in my efforts; the effort to bring positive change to me and to all who are the reasons for my passion.

I would rather have one percent of the efforts of 100 people than 100 percent of my own efforts as a leader because everybody counts, just everyone in my circle. I share my vision with all those institutions and individuals who have entrusted their welfare and resources into our vision so that we can produce results and become the winning team.

At NorthLite, we will remain that solid company whose ideal goal is geared towards building a better society and impacting the environment while making our resources available to our immediate clients and benefactors.


Our company has worked across many cultures and lived through many regions of West Africa with our operations in rural Ghana. Hence; I will challenge our core objectives to serve the underserved communities.

My quest to become the leading team player of NorthLite, Ghana’s first Off-Grid Solar PV Company is marked by foresight, shared vision and our act of professionalism as industry movers. We will remain resolute and even more proactive towards our set objectives.

NorthLite is and will remain the deciding factor in Africa’s renewable energy development future. The future begins with us, Come join us at NORTHLITE.