NorthLite Solar Ltd

The business model of NorthLite involves the use of micro-franchise schemes. The focus of our business model is in the remote and un-electrified rural communities, especially within the three northern regions of Ghana. Under the micro-franchise scheme, this business acts as a key distributor of solar systems to a network of independent micro franchises located in district capitals and rural areas in Ghana.

The franchisees are required to provide a secured retail location (shop) as well as capacity to provide technical support to end users in the target communities. Each micro franchise receives marketing and technical support from NorthLite Solar. Franchisees are selected from eligible candidates in the targeted off-grid communities.

A qualified candidate must have their own hub or shop space with which they can receive and sell solar products. They must also have sufficient workings capital to purchase some stock; credit support is offered to increase stock holdings as needed. Franchisees should also have the capability to be trained as a solar technician. Our potential candidates should have a strong interest in adding solar product retail to their existing businesses.